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Well Isn’t That Just S’well

It is no secret that drinking water is great for our mental and physical health. Yet some how we are always coming up short on our suggested daily intake (for the average male it is 3L/day). A company called S’well has created its own water bottle that is so fashionable and functional you will never want to be without it again.

S’well water bottles are the original hydration accessory. It combines a high-performance vacuum sealed water bottle with trend-driven collections, ensuring  you are alway able to find the right size, pattern and colour to fit seamlessly into your daily life.

Quality and Performance: Composed of BPA-free, non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel that screams high quality and feels great in the hand. By utilizing the great insulating abilities of stainless steel and a vacuum sealed cap, the S’well bottle is able to offer outstanding insulation without surface condensation:

  • Stays hot for 12 hours
  • Stays cold for 24 hours

This allowsyou to not only enjoy some cold water after your bottle has sat in the car all day, but also keeps your coffee or tea piping hot all day long.

Style: The sleek, stainless-steel vessels, feature a modern design influenced by old-fashioned milk bottles. New collections come out all the time, with a variety of colours: metallic, galaxy, wood etc. and finishes such as: stone, high gloss, matte etc.

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Green Machine: S’well was launched with the mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. In the US each year, 50 billion plastic bottles are dumped into landfills. When you purchase a S’well bottle you help better our environment by reducing your carbon footprint. S’well also donates 10% of the proceeds from each bottle to charities such as UNICEF, American Forest and Drink Up.

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What happened to a five dollar thermos? People now crave the brand recognition, quality and style that S’well delivers.

PRG is a proud supplier of custom S’well bottles. With all the available options, your S’well bottle will fit perfectly with your brand.

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