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Top Trade Show Giveaways

A goal for businesses, big and small, is often to create a successful trade show presence. How can you attract more potential clients to your booth, but also remain in the minds of these future customers? A popular solution is a giveaway, but not all promotional items are worth the investment.

To create an effective promotional product that will help achieve your goals it needs to be well thought out. There is no universal answer and no one giveaway that is right for everyone. To help you create a product which is more than just merchandise, here are some things to consider:


Pick something that will be useful to the recipient. This creates many benefits; it will be more likely that the person will keep your promotional item. It could also increase the frequency of your product, For example if you give away a stick of lip balm they are going to see your information every time they use it.

Tailor to your Market:

You want your promotional product to be tailored to fit the demographics of your target market for the trade show. If you want to connect with senior members of a company your logo pen might not be an effective solution, because they have collected hundreds over their years of experience.

Connect to your Brand:

A giveaway is a way of sending a message, if it connects to your brand and what you stand for- it will be more significant. It is like sending an email to your potential clients, instead of mailing them a letter.
If you are just looking for some ideas, here are a few good examples of products.

If you want some help or advice give us a call. Our staff members are trained to act as consultants with our clients. We dig deeper in order to identify your needs and determine how to proactively provide options and solutions.

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