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Best Items for a Golf Tournament

Spring is in the air, which means the golf season is around the corner. Along with the warm weather comes corporate golf tournaments. There are many reason to host a golf tournament, but what it usually boils down to is fostering positive relationships with your clients.

With so many golf tournaments, how do you ensure you stand out in the crowd and make your event memorable?

The key to success for this year’s tournament, and getting the return you want out of your investment lies within the goodie bag. These gifts need to be thought not as expenses but investments. Giving is as old as culture; it is a significant way you can create or strengthen a bond.

It is very important to analyze your goodie bag this year and consider how you want people to react when they receive it. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Choose golf related gifts or items they will use while playing (It’s why they are here after all)
  • Clever and thoughtful gifts will be talked about and maybe even kept.
  • Cheap, low quality items ruin your brand image, and they often find their way to the trash.

Our team at PRG can help you create the perfect goodie bag for your tournament or event. These gifts will help make memorable connections between the items inside, your brand and the great time they had at the tournament.

Check out some ideas in our “Golf Deck”.

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